History of Hollywood


The Golden Age of Hollywood Glamour was a moment of time where fashion was at its highest. Style stood on its own. It was simply classic. Men and women of this spectacular time in Tinseltown were bold in their dress and not afraid to strut their stuff.  Daily wear consisted of men in sharp tailored suits with hats and ties and women in their A-lined skirts below the knee, larger than life shoulder pads and the gloves to match.


The impact of WWII was quite significant on fashion in the 1940’s.  It shifted from Old Hollywood glitz and glamour to a more traditional, military style which reflected the times. Women wore skirt suits while the men off to war were in uniform. The United States was going through a dark period, spending less, conserving more while supporting our heroes as they watched and prayed for victory. 


WWII ended in 1945 and the world was filled with joy.  As the leaders of all Allied Nations made the official announcement to the citizens, the world celebrated by filling the streets in their hometown, with singing, dancing, cheering, hugging and kissing. The Victory Day had finally come!!